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Help With Mis Sold PPI From the PPI Claims Company

PPI has been called British banking’s biggest ever scandal. Millions of claims have already resulted in refunds, and the average payout for a single policy so far is £2750. You may have been mis-sold multiple policies, so it is worth finding out if you could claim. If you have had credit of any kind you could have been mis-sold PPI.

Thousands of wronged customers have made their claims easily with PPI Claims Company. If you have face unfair credit charges in the last six years we will also try to claim these back. This is a standard service from us, yet most companies won’t do it at all.

Simpler Claims With PPI Claims Company

Some people have reservations about using claims companies. We are here to make claiming easy, and we have plenty of experience in making successful claims. We offer:

  2. If your claim isn’t successful, you will PAY NOTHING AT ALL.
  3. OUR FEE STRUCTURE IS SIMPLE. You pay 25% + VAT on your refund.
  4. LEGAL SPECIALISTS will help you with your claim.
  5. You will receive personal updates from your ALLOCATED CLAIMS HANDLER.


The PPI Scandal

A lot of people don’t know the full details of the PPI scandal. Here is a short explanation of the issue.

Mis-selling Discovered

Back in 2005, customer complaints led the Financial Services Authority (FSA) to investigate the way lenders were selling PPI. They discovered widespread use of tactics that violated regulations. Those regulations were subsequently altered to protect consumers, and many guilty firms were issued with fines. Thanks to a High Court judgement, wronged customers gained the right to claim back all PPI fees.

PPI Repayment

Lenders had to put funds aside as provisions for PPI refunds. According to estimates, the amount that they set aside for this purpose totals in the billions. If you were mis-sold a policy, you have a legal right to claim back all charges. If you want to seek professional help, you are free to do so.

What Could Your Claim be Worth?

Many factors can affect the value of your claim, such as the type of credit and the time you held it for. The average value for one policy is £2750, but some policies are worth much more. One exceptional case received upwards of £50,000.

Online PPI calculators can give you an easy indication of your likely claim value. For a more accurate assessment, talk to our team.

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