Payment Protection Insurance

Many thousands of people have so far made successful payment protection insurance claims cases to get back the fees on mis sold policies and yet more are in the process of doing so. So far, the lenders involved in the scandal have repaid many millions of pounds to wronged customers, and there are those who believe the final figure could exceed the current level by a considerable amount. We can help you make successful claims as we have a team of experienced claims handlers waiting to give you a hand, and we have already helped many clients make successful claims for the compensation they rightfully deserve.

More about PPI Claims

Payment protection insurance stands for payment protection insurance, a type of cover that is designed to help keep up the monthly repayments on a loan, mortgage or other credit agreement in the event the policy-holder is made redundant involuntarily. Such policies are quite common, but they are known to have been mis-sold in many cases. There have been many examples of mis-selling and thousands of people have made successful PPI claims. You could be entitled to claim, and as the current industry average payment is £2750 per policy, there is no doubt that it is worth your while.

Examples of Mis Sold PPI

PPI has been routinely mis sold to customers by a number of well-known and other lenders across the years, and in a wide variety of different ways. Perhaps the most common form of payment protection insurance claim is that in which the customer was not given indication of their right to shop around for the best possible deal and, instead, was led to believe they needed to buy the lender’s package deal in order to qualify for the loan, while others were sold policies that, in fact, would never have worked for them, or that they did not need.

How to Make a Mis Sold PPI Claim

Many people choose to make payment protection insurance claims by using a claim handling company. Our team of experienced claims handlers understand the needs of the clients, and we offer a no win no fee* package so that you will not have to pay should your claim be rejected. We treat all our clients with the utmost confidentiality, care and attention, and we will endeavour to keep you informed as to progress at all times. Why not let us help you get back the money from mis sold PPI policies?

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