PPI Calculator

It is your right to claim back the fees on a PPI policy if you have been wrongly sold a policy many people have already taken the trouble to do so. With an industry average repayment per policy of £2750 it is also worth your while. Put simply, the banks and other high street lenders have been found guilty of selling payment protection insurance (PPI) in a manner that did not fall within the prescribed regulations. As a result, the rules have been revised, and heavy fines levied on the perpetrators. You can also use a PPI calculator to get an idea of the amount they may be owed.

What is PPI?

Payment protection insurance (PPI) is a range of insurance policies that are designed to make sure the policy-holder can keep up the monthly repayments on a loan or mortgage in the event they are made redundant involuntarily. The payments will continue, in a standard policy, for a year or sometimes two. A PPI calculator is used to estimate the amount of money that may be repaid. Remember, it is only a guide as there are circumstances that may render the outcome inaccurate in some way, so our claims advisers can help you get a better idea of your claim.

Can I Claim Back my PPI Charges?

If you can prove that you were mis sold PPI then you have a basic right to claim back charges on that policy, and it is worth using a PPI calculator for an estimate of your repayment. When you took out the relevant credit agreement you should have been told of the need for PPI in clear terms, and you should also have been given time to shop around for your best deal. If this didn’t happen it is a clear example of mis-selling and has occurred in a great number of instances.

How to Claim Back Mis Sold PPI

So far, we have helped many people claim back the fees on mis sold PPI policies, and if you require we can help you too. Our team of experienced claims advisers can handle your claim on a no win no fee* basis, so you don’t have to pay if unsuccessful, and a PPI calculator is available for your information. Having helped many people make successful claims we are certain that we can help you, so why not get the wheels in motion right away?

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